Hartford Courant – Do You Really Expect Us to Believe This?

In today’s Hartford Courant, there are a couple stories (at least a couple) that fly in the face of all reason, and should prompt most of us to say, Are You Serious?

According to the Courant, over the next 13 years, the cities especially Hartford and Bridgeport are going to experience a boom while the smaller municipalities, especially the wealthier ones, like Greenwich and Wilton, are going to see their populations diminish.

The Courant reported that, “Patrick Flaherty, an economist at the state Department of Labor, analyzed the data from the Connecticut State Data Center and found numbers that surprised him.”

Most of the data and projections come from state sources, which are remarkable unreliable, biased, and politically motivated. In this case, both the data and the analysis is derived from state data. They can’t even figure out the size of the deficit which is based on current data let alone perform complex, multivariate, economic projections.

The article assigns the anticipated success of our large cities to our Governor, who, in the eyes of this publication is a combination of Mother Theresa, for his enlightened selflessness and Pope Francis, for his infallibility, because of his tireless, attack on the “ joblessness, blight and crime”, that plague those cities, as well as, “looking for ways to improve cities”, and “spending money to clean up unused and dilapidated industrial sites to promote business growth, funding so-called innovation places to create urban districts promoting high-tech business and upgrading inter-city transportation that attracts downtown retail and residential development around rail and bus stations”.

However, before we start appealing to Rome for Dannel’s immediate canonization, it is necessary to think about this for a moment.

All of the projections fly in the face of common sense, which not only confuses the situation but also lends further doubt as to the credibility of the data,  the analytics, or both.

To predict the unlikely rise of Hartford and Bridgeport and the demise of the ‘burbs, especially in lower Fairfield County, where I live reminds me of the old Groucho Marx saying, – “Who are you going to believe, me? or your own eyes?”

We need to enlist outside sources to not only provide the projections but to aggregate and maintain the data. This will lessen our dependence on the ever-growing bureaucracy, and reduce costs dramatically, as well as, provide greater assurance that the data is not tainted with political bias.

Connecticut’s constitution calls for the establishment of 6 offices, like the Office of the Governor, Office of the Secretary of State etc. However, we currently have over 106 offices, departments, agencies, boards, councils, and commissions. This does not include the quasi-public agencies like the Capital Region Development Authority or the Connecticut Airport Authority, nor does it include the 20+ agencies overseeing the state-provided higher education system.

I have argued that the private sector can perform nearly all government services with greater competence and efficiency than the public sector. There are numerous examples that demonstrate this over the last 240 year history of our country, as well as the basic laws of economics.

I have a saying that, “nothing is permanent, except a temporary government program”.

I am a conservative and the prime directive of the Conservative Party is to limit the interference of the federal government, and to scale back the involvement of the federal government to those powers enumerated in the Constitution, which are very few. However, even those who believe otherwise, those who believe that the government should be involved in governing the Internet and our healthcare, it doesn’t mean that they government must manage these systems.

If you believe that the feds should tell us, how fast our Internet should be, or what medical insurance we must buy, or what treatments and procedures, each of us should be entitled to it doesn’t mean that the government necessarily has to provide those services.

Stand or Take a Knee?

I haven’t watched any football games this season or last. Not because of protests, but for two purely non-political reasons. Both the Giants and the Jets suck. And, I have a 6-year old and a 12-year old, and I don’t get much TV control. I would rather watch Sponge Bob with them than Eli Manning by myself.


The protest started a little over a year ago when Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem, his explanation was, “I refuse to honor the flag of a country that oppresses it blacks and minorities.”

OK, that’s pretty straightforward. His belief is that the USA is a nation of racists. I can understand that. If I sincerely believed that I were living in a country comprised of 300 million racists I would refuse to honor that flag also. Although I would probably stand, but do so with hand raised and middle finger extended. That is a horrible country. However, I don’t agree with Mr. Kaepernick or his opinion of my country.

Kaepernick walked back his statements over the next few weeks and decided that he was really protesting against police brutality against blacks. He claimed that he loved his country, although he made that claim while wearing a Fidel Castro tee. Fidel was the oppressor-in-chief for 50 years in Cuba, so this certainly confused the message. He also wore socks depicting police as pigs, which, I guess, was to emphasize how he was refocusing his protest.

Over the past week, hundreds of NFL players, “took a knee” during the playing of the anthem, coaches of Peewee Football teams are forcing their 8-year-old players to kneel and turn their backs on the flag when the anthem is played, and the entire faculty and many students of the Georgetown University School of Law posed for a photo-op “taking a knee” to protest Jeff Sessions speech promoting free speech, so the protest has grown from protecting rights of some while eliminating the rights of others.

The left immediately applauded the heroics of not only the players, coaches, students and faculty, but also the owners, for standing against something or other. The only message that I received was that one side is protesting against the flag and the national anthem although the purpose is still not clear. What is the protest against?

The other side, the right, sees this protest as disrespectful of the flag, the country, the military, the veterans, motherhood and everything that is good and holy.  Clearly there is not a meeting of the minds.

Stop reading this and do a Google search of, “Why are the NFL players protesting the national anthem?”

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of opinion journalists who offer “The Real Reason that the NFL Players are Protesting the National Anthem.” Each one has their opinion of why this is taking place, why they are doing it and what it means and doesn’t mean? Actually, they are all wrong and, in my opinion, rather pompous and arrogant, as no one really knows the “Real Reason” because perhaps there are many, and perhaps there are none.

Those on the left, attribute it as a protest against nearly every liberal point and the perceived bigotry, racism, homophobia, LGBTQ2DR-phobia etc., etc., and of course, fascism.

Some on the right, such as myself, admit that they don’t understand it. To me, if this is actually about police brutality why then is no one talking about police brutality? Add to that that nobody is out there supporting police brutality. Bizarre.

And why the flag and the national anthem, symbols of America and all Americans?  Seems like some form of referred anger. It is like a guy punching his wife in the nose because he is mad at his boss.

Does anyone on the left have any comments? This is really one of those issues that I sincerely don’t understand.

Why is the protest taking place? Are we a nation of racists as Kaepernick believes? And, why is refusing to stand for the national anthem an appropriate form of protest against (_______________) fill in the blank?


They are Really Going to Let It Happen

I had stated several times in posts, only partially jokingly, that the Democratic governor and legislature of our state would rather let the bridges fall down and the roads become impassible and the quality of our schools to fall down to Mississippi’s level before they would consider imposing any realistic concessions on the public employee’s unions of the state (a.k.a. The Aristocracy of Labor). Well, it appears that that is already taking place.

According to a 24/7 Wall Street research analysis, our state comes in a #4 in states whose roads, bridges and dams are crumbling, or as they put it, “States That Are Falling Apart”. To make matters worse, only one (Rhode Island) of the three states that is in worse condition than Connecticut spends less than the Nutmeg State to correct their problems. So, it appears that we are in a position to challenge Little Rhody to become the state with the worst municipal infrastructure in the country. To add to the embarrassment all the states that are considered worse than us have lower per capita incomes including one of the lowest – West Virginny.

Now that our leaders have committed all that money to appease Malloy’s union cronies, and to fulfill Speaker Aresimowicz’s obligations to his full-time job, and considering that that has been accomplished in a fashion which will shackle the hands of any incoming, more fiscally-responsible, administrations for the next 10 years, we can be pretty certain to be sitting atop this infamous list before the next decade is completed, unless; of course, Dannel Malloy becomes governor of Rhode Island and the citizens of RI are insane enough to elect a union bigwig to control that state’s purse strings.

We Work For Them Now

As of a couple days ago, Connecticut taxpayers now have two welfare classes to pay for, for the next ten years and there is nothing we can do about it

This is nothing new, these two welfare classes that have existed for decades and have been perpetuated and nurtured by governors and legislatures of both parties, but now there is nothing we can do about it.

I am talking about first, the nonproductive welfare class, that in many cases, really need our help because of unfortunate circumstances or lack of abilities. To Democrats this means that we must focus on redistribution of wealth and income inequality. This has had the result of moving the poverty rate from 14.5 to a little below 14% over the last 50 years. The Dems seem to be satisfied with making poverty more tolerable (ObamaPhones, yeah). To Conservative Republicans (and there are a few left) and the “now extinct” moderate Democrat, this means providing more opportunity. After fifty years it might be time to try that.

The second welfare class is the bureaucracy. The now-protected species of employees who go about performing the government’s work of redistributing the fruits of the labor of those who are not fortunate to be in either of these classes – A.K.A. the Producers.

The fact that we have a union boss of the second welfare class as Speaker of the House should be evidence enough that we have become subjects to the tyranny of these protected classes – the nonproducers and the bureaucrats.

The Women’s March – Model for the “Classless” Society

Watching the protesters at the Women’s March on Washington we witnessed a microcosm of the Progressive utopia. The marchers were mainly young and mainly white. If this were a protest of working class people each clutching a copy of Atlas Shrugged there would certainly be an accusation of racism, divisiveness etc. But that aside, in most respects it was a typical Progressive affair.

Like most Progressive affairs, the one of the principal mantra was diversity but the practice was exclusion. Pro-life groups of women were not welcome. As usual, equality, fairness and rights was demanded for others but not practiced. I am sure that very few of these ladies would allow Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson move in next door or marry their daughters .

Asking what they were marching for elicited a variety of responses mostly in the form of clichés and slogans. They were there to protest Fascism. To unite behind all immigrants and for all women worldwide. etc. Not very much that was actionable.

There were however two exceptions. The mob was united by two things. First – they love abortion and I mean they really love it, and second, they hate Donald Trump.

So, despite all of the signs saying, Love Trumps Hate. The one thing that united this mob was hatred. Eric Hoffer once remarked that hatred is the force that binds mass movements. A common love drives people apart. Two people who love the same person are enemies. One looking at the other as a trespasser. But hatred binds. Two people who hate the same person, whether it is one the National Mall or around the office water cooler, will form a cohesive powerful vehicle of hatred. They will gossip and contemplate sinister outcomes and fantasize about all kinds of horrible ills falling upon the head of the object of their disdain. Even to the extent of welcoming the destruction of the White House. Perhaps with the president, his cabinet and all 65 million supporters huddled within.

And who can be a better partner to channel this venom that the leading merchant of human destruction than Planned Parenthood.

Finally, this march gave new meaning to the Soros globalist vision of the classless society. Although maybe with a distinctly new meaning. Perhaps it was the uterus with the fallopian tubes fashioned into fists with the middle finger sticking up, or perhaps it was the “Fuck Trump” chants, the “Abortion Rules!” signs, or Madonna’s call for destruction, the 10-year old lad boasting of setting fires and proclaiming, “Screw the President” while his proud parents look on, or it may have been Ashley Judd accusing the President of the United States of contemplating sexual relations with his daughter. Overall, it gave new meaning to the demand of the classless society, not a society without classes but one without class.

(1)Loosely based on Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Free No. 10. https://genius.com/Bob-dylan-i-shall-be-free-no-10-lyrics

MLK – The Great Peacemaker

Disgracing Dr. King’s Message

John Lewis IS the Problem.

And so is Maxine Waters, and Elizabeth Warren and many others, both Republican and Democrat, who have a distorted sense of what their jobs are.

An elected official’s responsibility is to his or her constituents not to his or her party.

How is Lewis’s constituency served by trying to delegitimize the president? How is it served by Lewis, Waters and Warren stating that they will do everything in their power to cause the President of the United States to fail. In that regard, I think that they stand more with President Vlad Putin or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei than with their constituents.

What is their problem?

They state that the President-Elect is not the President Elect because the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s email which revealed that the Dem’s candidate had one position that she presented to the public while she actually held a different position. The hacked emails also revealed that John Podesta harbored a deep dislike for Catholics. They revealed widespread collusion between the mainstream media and the DNC. They revealed that the President of the United States lied about not knowing that his Secretary of State was using an unsecured email server. Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera.

So, what exactly affected the election? Was it the content of the emails and the secrets that they revealed or was it the fact that it was the Russians that did so? If the hypothetical 400-pound guy in his parent’s basement was the hacker instead of the Russians, would it have made any difference?

If a murderer was found guilty of murder would it make any difference if the eyewitness was a bad guy or a good guy? A Russian or a fat guy? Remember that no one is disputing the accuracy of the hacked emails. Should the murderer be declared innocent because the evidence, although accurate, was supplied by a bad guy?

Mr. Lewis, in a time when our nation faces so many problems. The increase in crime, in poverty, in joblessness which occurred over the last decade. The decline in race relations. The exacerbated problems in the Middle East which threaten the safety of our homeland. Is it really time to continue the divisiveness and hatred?

Remember When the DOJ Went After Bad Guys?

Loretta Lynch – Police Are The Problem

Loretta Lynch issued a 164-page report villainizing the second largest police department in the country. Patterns of racist, abuse, excessive force were all there. The report took 13 months to assemble and research, however, the research was apparently limited since many high officials in the department were never contacted.

Nevertheless, the report fits snugly into the Obama administration’s narrative that the police are the problem and that police departments are institutionally racist. .

Except for the numerous anecdotal, it was quite predictable for both the SJWs and the supporters of the police. It was pretty much what everyone expected that it would say as Lynch’s Department of Justice, like Holder’s before her, seems to place a high priority on “getting” police departments.

Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, a close friend, and former Obama Chief of Staff, promised cooperation with the Department.

Although the report detailed page after page of scathing indictments of the police, Lynch praised the city officials who “worked hard and thoughtfully” on reforms.

Over the last decade, it seems that agencies of government have become like the mainstream media and simple “echo chambers” of the executive department’s narrative. The agent’s do their jobs and the Director spins the results to suit the White House and to fit the storyline.

Consider George Tenet’s strong pitch to President Bush for the existence of WMDs in Iraq and the spin that convinced most of congress to concur with the necessity to invade. Later, when Colin Powell presented the information to the United Nations it hardly seemed convincing. Similarly, Director Comey went on for 30 minutes laying out a cogent case for convicting Hilary Clinton and then delivering his decision that he would not prosecute like a punch line. Who, in their right minds would believe that Lois Lerner’s computer broke and she lost all her emails and that there were no backups.

It seems that the Administration’s boast that the passage of Obamacare depended on the “stupidity of the American people” can be applied to most of the governmental agencies.

GrabYourWallet’s Targeting of Individuals Changes The Game

Here we go again. All the fears that the left tried to instill in voters during the two years preceding the election are coming true. However, instead of enraged Trump voters using Gestapo tactics in the street, rioting, beating up opponents, destroying property, pledging sabotage and disruption of inaugural events it is the left that is doing the exact same thing that they said Trump voters would do if the situation was reversed.

Now, because one board member of L.L. Bean made a contribution of $5,000 to a PAC supporting Trump the far-left lunatic-fringe website www.grabyourwallet.org is urging the boycott of the Maine company. Ms. Bean, the granddaughter of the founder, defended her right to make her own decision on whom to support in the election, and emphasized that she is a private citizen and made this contribution on her own behalf and the donation was not from the Company.

The radical organization’s attempt to terrify and shakedown a private citizen represents a departure from the position of many activist organization who target companies with whom they disagree with on political positions rather than individuals. GrabYourWallet has expanded that to include targeting of private citizens and although I have no statistical evidence, it is reasonable to expect that if an organization targets individuals who voted or contributed to candidates with whose political views they did not agree, they would probably be boycotting nearly every US-based company of any size. I’ll wager Ben and Jerry’s has a director or an officer who did not vote for HRC.

I just bought three shirts and a pair of boots from L.L. Bean, something that I have never done before. I did this to support Ms. Bean and the hard-working Americans at L.L. Bean. At the Conservative Party of Connecticut we do not participate in boycotts, we believe in free-markets and freedom of speech and respect everyone’s right to their opinion. I even ate Kellogg’s Fruit Loops for breakfast although I think Kellogg’s opposition to freedom of speech and support for hate groups is despicable. Nevertheless, it is their money and they can do what they want with it. In contrast, I urge all our members, supporters and non-supporters to support the right of individuals to express their opinion without fear that organizations will attempt to punish the financially regardless of the collateral damage done. Meaning that targeting a company just because a member of their board holds political opinion harms workers and shareholders regardless of their own politics.

Buy something from L.L. Bean this weekend. Let’s make this a very good sales weekend for them.

The Conservative Party of Connecticut has requested that GrabYourWallet provide an explanation for this bizarre action.

Meryl Streep Bashes President Obama

Meryl Streep received the Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement award to blast President Obama.

“We need the principled press to hold power to account, to call them on the carpet for every outrage,” she bellowed, in an apparent reference to the fawning treatment that the press has given the Obama over the last nearly eight years. She was obviously referring to the fact that the press has ignored his original promise to be a great unifier and instead has been the most divisive president ever. Or perhaps their ignorance of his promise to “bring hope” to American while his own wife admits that after two terms that, “now we know how it feels to be without hope.”

“Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence,” she continued, in apparent reference to the President’s disrespect for the men and women of law enforcement and his infamous, ”the police acted stupidly” remark; or his perhaps his repeated attempts to convince certain racial hate groups to visit the White House. However, she could have been referring to his visceral hatred and disrespect for Benjamin Netanyahu by snubbing him on his last three visits to the US, or his final U.N. betrayal, or perhaps his support of Iran, the leading sponsor of violence and terrorism, which he refers to as, “Our partner in peace.”

Ms. Streep also blasted Obama saying, “when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose,” in an apparent reference to Mr. Obama statements that he has a “pen and a phone,” and he will make his own laws ignoring the separation of powers, and his decision not to enforce the immigration laws duly passed by congress, or to bully states by threatening to withhold funding if some of his imperialist dictates are not followed.

Hollywood is a very liberal, insular world and most top tier performers have no idea what normal, working-class people who buy tickets to their performances do daily and the hardships that they face. But, don’t worry, Meryl, the people have spoken and they have rejected the bully that has wreaked so much divisiveness in the country, who has spread so much hatred, who has burdened the future generations with mountains of additional debt, and created safe havens for terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Libya and who has ignored the founders and their brilliant Constitution to which you have referred. Things are changing and the mistakes of the past 8 years can still be rectified.