Flatten the Dems

Unfortunately, we need vote for a Party, Not a Candidate

As ridiculous as that sounds, the political parties have become so powerful that they control the candidates as well as the elected officials, and the Democrats are proudly embracing the character of their party as the Social Democrats.  Even if a candidate embraces some of the ideology of the opposite party, it is unlikely that that candidate will not vote or behave as directed by that Party that nominated him/her. 

I have talked to many people who have stated, “I vote for the wo/man. Not for the Party.”

While this sounds like to fair and reasonable position. I have to admit, that it no longer works. The candidates and the office holders are too intimately connected and reliant to the Parties.

Ask yourself, that if every Representative or Senator thought independently, why many Congressional members simply vote “along party lines”. Last year’s tax bill (the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017) had a lot of things that there some argued about, but if each elected official evaluated the bill based on his/her own ideology and the effect on their constituents one would expect a majority of one party being of one opinion and the majority of the other party being against it. But that’s not what happened.

Every Democrat was against it and every Republican was in favor of it. Statistically, it is highly improbably that each and every Democrat would be against it and each and every Republican be in favor of it if the bill were evaluated exclusively on its merits. A statistical analysis would indicate that there are outside forces acting on the lawmakers. Regardless, of their assessment of the impact of the Tax Cut Bill and its effect on their constituents the lawmakers voted as their Party told them. Not only are the candidates dependent upon the party, once elected the Senators and Representatives are similarly dependent upon the Party. Their access to cash and thus their reelection

To go against the party is career ending.

Therefore, we are urging to vote Republican, even thoseRepublicans who we have not endorsed because of their decision to remove thebenefit the Voters of the State of Connecticut were given by the U.S.Constitution.

Kevin D. Witkos  –  8th District Republican

George Logan  –  17th District Republican

Heather Somers  –  28th District Republican

If the Democrats retain control of the Governorship, the House, and the Senate we can anticipate the following:

  • Ned Lamont will raise our taxes. Now, I realize that he has made statements to the contrary, but he is running via embracing Republican principles (sort of). He says that he does not plan to increase income taxes while admitting that “everybody is going to have to be at the table (pay more)”
  • I am not sure if it is possible for Bob Stefanowski to eliminate the state income tax. In fact, I consider it unlikely. However, to have any chance to succeeding. It needs to be coupled with spending cuts. This will never happen if the Democrats retain control of CT.
  • CT has the second most generous welfare benefits in the country. The only state with more generous benefits is Hawai’i, Hawai’i is an island, and an island 2,464 miles from our mainland, everything costs more on an island. Democrats strive to make poverty more comfortable. We should be striving to eliminate poverty rather than making it more pleasant. Poor people need jobs, not Obamaphones.
  • CT has the most highly compensated state employees in the country. If we reduced the compensation of the members of the state employee unions to 5% above the average of comparable employees in the average of the New England States, we could save over $1 billion per year. If we reduced the compensation of the state employees to the average of comparable employees in the private sector we would save close to $2.5 billion per year. This would pretty much eliminate the deficit. The Democrats got us into this and it is safe to believe that they have no interest in getting us out of it. As George Will said, there is an “ironclad contract between the Democratic Party and the Unions”. The Democrats cannot make any of these necessary changes, they are too intimately tied to the unions.

If these issues are not addressed and if spending is not brought under control, we all lose.

Until we can change the tyranny of the two party system, we have no choice but to vote Republican.

Get out and do so.

Nick Malino


Conservative Party of CT