Republican Rally

Please join me at this rally. We don’t wear black masks and break things like the other side, but it is about time that we showed just how many we are. I urge everyone in the Conservative Party of CT to attend. The Conservative Party of CT has endorsed Bob Stefanowski. I am not convinced that he will be able to phase out the income tax and reduce the corporate tax, but it will be a great economic boost to the state to know that we are not going to get tax increases, tolls and trouble.

Saturday at 11:00 AM

Also, we have to replace Chris Murphy, Rose DeLauro, Elizabeth Esty, John Lawson, Jim Courtney, and Jim Himes in Washington DC. If we don’t help the Republicans maintain and increase control of both Houses of Congress we are going to have two years of nothing getting done in DC since the Dems are going to be entirely focused on impeachment of Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, which will be the biggest waste of time and will ensure that the country remains divided, If you cannot join us for this rally make sure that you get out to vote on November 6. Don’t vote against prosperity.