This is An Important Election – Don’t Miss It

There are about 60 days until election day. There is a lot at stake  –  For Connecticut and the Country

For CT we have a choice – Tolls, taxes, and “more of the same” or we roll the dice and hope for the best. The Conservative Party of CT endorsed Bob Stefanowski. Bob knows the priorities and realizes that the SEBAC agreement is the equivalent of a suicide pact between the State of Connecticut and the employee’s union. We do not blame the employees of the state and agreed with Bob that a deal must be worked out that is both fair and sustainable. We also agree with Bob that CT is faced with a crisis and we need to restore fiscal responsibility and the crisis can be solved without tax increases and without tolls.

But there is more, the legislature of the state has been controller by the Democrats for all but two years since 1991. The Democratic control has progressed to such an extent that the Speaker of the House, a Democrat, is actually a union boss. How can that not be a conflict?

We have an opportunity this year to do something that hasn’t been done since 1996 and that is give the Republicans control of the senate, there is also a chance that the Republicans and also take the House. If this were to happen, we can have some level of confidence that some level of fiscal responsibility can be restored.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the polls currently show that Ned Lamont, who seems to be the clone of Dannel Malloy. We had thought that the governor’s race was pretty much settle and that the Republican, whoever it was would be a shoo-in. Mr. Lamont’s lead is not encouraging, but if overcome it could lead to the first Republican trifecta in the history of the state.

At any rate. I don’t know if the Republicans of the state are different from the Republicans in Washington who fail to get anything done event with the Republican trifecta in D.C. It is embarrassing that we still don’t have a southern border wall and we still have Obamacare. But anyway, we only have two parties and we need to take the chance for change, because more of the same isn’t working.

This is an important election for CT. We have a chance for historic change and to begin the process of correction and fiscal responsibility. Don’t stay home, and make sure that all concerned taxpayers don’t spend that Tuesday night on the couch.