The Women’s March – Model for the “Classless” Society

Watching the protesters at the Women’s March on Washington we witnessed a microcosm of the Progressive utopia. The marchers were mainly young and mainly white. If this were a protest of working class people each clutching a copy of Atlas Shrugged there would certainly be an accusation of racism, divisiveness etc. But that aside, in most respects it was a typical Progressive affair.

Like most Progressive affairs, the one of the principal mantra was diversity but the practice was exclusion. Pro-life groups of women were not welcome. As usual, equality, fairness and rights was demanded for others but not practiced. I am sure that very few of these ladies would allow Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson move in next door or marry their daughters .

Asking what they were marching for elicited a variety of responses mostly in the form of clichés and slogans. They were there to protest Fascism. To unite behind all immigrants and for all women worldwide. etc. Not very much that was actionable.

There were however two exceptions. The mob was united by two things. First – they love abortion and I mean they really love it, and second, they hate Donald Trump.

So, despite all of the signs saying, Love Trumps Hate. The one thing that united this mob was hatred. Eric Hoffer once remarked that hatred is the force that binds mass movements. A common love drives people apart. Two people who love the same person are enemies. One looking at the other as a trespasser. But hatred binds. Two people who hate the same person, whether it is one the National Mall or around the office water cooler, will form a cohesive powerful vehicle of hatred. They will gossip and contemplate sinister outcomes and fantasize about all kinds of horrible ills falling upon the head of the object of their disdain. Even to the extent of welcoming the destruction of the White House. Perhaps with the president, his cabinet and all 65 million supporters huddled within.

And who can be a better partner to channel this venom that the leading merchant of human destruction than Planned Parenthood.

Finally, this march gave new meaning to the Soros globalist vision of the classless society. Although maybe with a distinctly new meaning. Perhaps it was the uterus with the fallopian tubes fashioned into fists with the middle finger sticking up, or perhaps it was the “Fuck Trump” chants, the “Abortion Rules!” signs, or Madonna’s call for destruction, the 10-year old lad boasting of setting fires and proclaiming, “Screw the President” while his proud parents look on, or it may have been Ashley Judd accusing the President of the United States of contemplating sexual relations with his daughter. Overall, it gave new meaning to the demand of the classless society, not a society without classes but one without class.

(1)Loosely based on Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Free No. 10.