Obama’s Legacy – Donald Trump

Obama’s Legacy – Donald Trump

Last night, in his farewell address in Chicago, President Obama attempted to salvage something positive in his legacy. Although his audience consisted of hardcore supporters, he may have been better served by not selecting the city which has suffered most from his failed policies.. He pushed through Obamacare which most people were against. He went on an apology tour stopping in Hiroshima and Vietnam. After every terrorist attack, rather than lashing out at the terrorist or even labelling their ideology correctly, he lectured Americans about tolerance, he invited the racist hate group Black Lives Matter to the White House three times, he preached unity but practiced divisiveness, he sent representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown but was absent at funerals for slain police officers, he said he understood Colin Kapernick’s opinion that we are a country of racists.

Americans have responded by saying, “We are tired of being told that we should be ashamed of who we are”. We are not racists, we are not miserly capitalists, we do not hate gays, or Muslims or transsexuals. While the affliction of racism certainly exists, it affects people of every race and it is revealed as localized outbreaks and not as a pandemic. Barack Obama does not exist on a higher plain than the rest of us, “Just-Plain-Folks” regardless of what he thinks of himself, his legacy will be best exemplified by the election of Donald Trump.

Despite Obama’s energetic campaigning for Clinton in the final weeks of the election, it is he who set the table for Donald Trump’s victory.

Obama reprimanded Congress for their inaction on gun control and said that if they didn’t do something, he would. Then he reprimanded the Congress that if they did not act on comprehensive immigration reform, then he would. Well, Mr. President, that is not the way it works. Congress passes the laws. The SCOTUS determines their constitutionality, and the President is supposed to enforce those laws.

The president has absolutely no ability to enact laws. You and I have just as much ability to enact new legislation as president Obama has. However, this did not stop him. However, he did it anyway. He claims to have plugged the “gun show loophole”. He passed a law via executive order which is not permissible under the constitution. Fortunately, it was a useless law since there really was no “gun show loophole”, so everybody just kind of let it go.

Then, also by executive order, he granted amnesty to millions of illegal border crossers into the country, thereby reneging on his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. If he didn’t agree with a law duly passed by Congress and authorized by the Judicial Branch, he would ignore it via executive order. Well, Mr. President, that too, is not the way it works.

The Supreme Court concurred and he was told that he could not flaunt the law, ignore the constitution, and step back on his oath of office. The frightening part was that although the SCOTUS struck down the President’s action, they did it by a margin of 5-4, meaning that 4 justices no longer believed in the constitutional separation of powers.

Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate. But she had the backing of her party which kept thumbs firmly pressed upon the scales in her favor. Bernie Sanders, the poor, doddering socialist never had a chance and to this day and he still doesn’t accept that reality. She had Wall Street behind her. Hollywood stars fell all over each other to garner her favor. Every greedy union, the Aristocracy of Labor, backed her with their strong-arms and strongarms. Print, broadcast and internet media, with rare exceptions, demonized anyone who would dare criticize her.

We were told by all of them that if we did not agree with these “gods”, we were uneducated hobbits, or gnomes, rednecks, racists, Islamophobes, homophobes, misogynists, and much worse.

We are none of those.

And finally, a couple of days before the election, Obama told us that if we did not vote for Hillary that it can only be that we were also sexists. This may not have been quite as bad as Margaret Thatcher who literally condemned all who did not vote for HRC to eternal damnation, but to many it was just another over the top elitist telling us again how bad we were.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and when the force being exerted from the left surpasses good sense and enters the realm of extremism the opposite reaction is about to occur to a similar extreme. It is the law of fundamental symmetries. Donald Trump is not a alter ego of the alt-right it is a response to leftist extremism. It is one thing being told that the federal government knows more about educating your kids than the states do and certainly more than you do but to be told that you must allow boys who say that they identify as girls into the girl’s bathrooms and showers and you get Donald Trump. And when you focus more on these perceived inequalities while working people are out of work you get Donald Trump.
Mr. Obama. We are not ashamed of being Americans. We don’t need anyone to offer apologies for what we have done, because the good outweighs the bad. Mrs. Clinton, we are hard-working people not deplorables, Mrs. Thatcher, mind your own business.

I never was what you would call, a “Trump Supporter”. I am not confident that the next four years are going to be without troubles, and already have visions of Smoot-Harley-type fallout from disasterous trade wars. But the alternative was far worse, and in the end, there were only a few people that could make me cast my vote for a reality show host for president, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are two of them and Chuck Schumer, Dannell Malloy, Shaun White, Meryl Streep, Christopher Murphy, Elizabeth Warren, Al Sharpton, and Charlie Rangle are not far behind and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be gone in a few weeks . It is time to get rid of the others and restore some reason and common sense to government before we get someone worse than Trump.